We were at Sustainable Places 2022


On 9 September, the ECO-Qube project delivered a presentation during the Sustainable Places 2022, the leading destination and conference for EU research collaboration.

Cagatay - our project coordinator - introduced the evolution of the IT and data center markets, speaking about the various challenges of edge computing systems, as well as the emerging trends.

The ECO-Qube project focuses on the server room, and we have noticed that all efforts at regulation (self-regulation or EU regulation) are always aimed at above 50-150 kW of installed power capacity.

ECO-Qube is taking a wider perspective, therefore we are releasing our blueprint to raise awareness among owners and operators of small server rooms.

The recording is available here: https://www.sustainableplaces.eu/ai-and-digitalization/

"Part 1 - [PDF]: “Transforming the server room into a sustainable micro cloud” (Çağatay Yılmaz, Lande Rack Cabinet) – Eco-Qube project"

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