The consortium bringing their unique set of expertise to build a strong, focused team and working on the ECO Qube.



Helio is a Swiss technology startup that builds and provides a technology platform & software that allows for intelligent workload scheduling.

It can connect to any data centre with available computing resources and deploy any workload to almost anywhere in the world. Of course, this is not always feasible or efficient. Therefore, the Helio platform includes various measures to make intelligent decisions about which workload should be placed onto which hardware at which time to achieve optimal efficiency.

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Christoph Buchli

WP4 Leader: Smart workload orchestration and airflow management



Blockheating believes that residual energy should not be wasted. Blockheating offers green and CO2 neutral bare metal hosting in one of their green datacenters in the Netherlands. Hosted on reliable servers with a tailor made solution to re-use the residual heat from the IT hardware. Next to that Blockheating offers residual heat for small and medium size greenhouses.

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Jeroen Burks

Datacenter pilot - Netherlands



The Urban Energy Systems Laboratory focuses on the development of methods, strategies and solutions to transform buildings, neighborhoods and cities into energy efficient and decarbonized systems. With our research we seek for solutions that significantly contribute in reaching national and global emission targets. Our core competences lie in the modelling, design and assessment of building and urban systems with focus on energy hubs, multi-energy grids, and integration of renewable energy and storage systems.

Sascha Stoller

Datacenter pilot - Switzerland



LANDE is a manufacturer of ICT ecosystem components such as rack enclosures and accessories, telecom field cabinets (indoor/outdoor), server and data centre cabinets, PDUs and a wide range of further products for ICT sector.

LANDE has fully functioning R&D team qualified for project management. Our team consists of experts with international project management experience and academic consultants from various universities. Our R&D division can provide the flexibility for designing, developing and prototyping. This is our greatest asset which gives us opportunity to create exclusive projects better than the other manufacturers focused on the end users.

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Çağatay Yılmaz

Project Coordinator



Luleå University of Technology (LTU) is renowned for applied research in close collaboration with national and international companies and stakeholders. The yearly turnover is around 160 million Euros, of which 90 are related to research activities. LTU has 1600 employees and 17000 students distributed over 4 campuses, and has several strategic partners including both leading universities (e.g., Stanford and Monash Universities) and multi-national corporations (e.g., ABB, Ericsson, Scania, Shell, IBM, Volvo Aero, and LKAB)

The developed expertise comprises modelling, optimization and control of complex and large-scale systems, with a special focus on energy system and heating and cooling systems in particular.

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Amirreza Zaman

WP5 Leader: User context, socio-economic analysis



R2M Solution. is an integrated and multi-disciplinary entrepreneurial innovation company that aggressively targets filling the gap between research activities and market implementation across the fields of Innovation, Engineering, Energy Services & Sustainability and ICT/Automation. R2M is a strategic innovator itself and as part of its business model helps organizations and projects plan and execute the strategic use research funding carried out over a comprehensive development strategy from idea to market. In doing so, R2M provides leadership, links high performance exploitation-oriented networks, and leverages public and private funding instruments.

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Luis Febres

WP7 Leader: Exploitation and uptake



Computational methods are at the heart of many fields of engineering and sciences. With the advances made in computer hardware and software technologies the use of this technique is gaining more and more importance in the analysis and evaluation of very complex problems. One of these fields, is the fluid dynamics field which has the widest application range, and covers an area from space technologies to aerospace industry.

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Ender Demirel

WP2 Leader: Dynamic cooling design concept based on open source CFD model



ENDOKS is at the forefront of researching, developing and delivering smart energy management solutions for energy systems of all scales – utilities, industry and end-users.

ENDOKS has been offering a complete performance monitoring/management system for solar power plants (from small rooftop applications up to large scale systems). Thanks to ENDOKS’s R&D teams, ENDOKS is capable to offer not only the software (as SaaS), but also its own hardware products as a bundled solution with a perfect harmony. This helps ENDOKS to develop flexible, efficient and cost-competitive solutions for all scale of PV plants.

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Canan Şişman Korkmaz

WP3 Leader: Smart energy management system



Stichting Consortium Green IT Regio Amsterdam – commonly known as Green IT Amsterdam, and abbreviated as GIT – is a network organisation of stakeholders focusing on Green IT, founded by the City Council of Amsterdam for the purpose of developing and investigating on non-profit basis Green IT solutions and possible policies. Green IT is a non-profit legal entity acting as association for the IT sector, the energy sector, user organisations and knowledge institutes.

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Julie Chenadec

WP6 Leader: Pilot demonstration and evaluation of the Design Concept



The SDIA and its members are committed to creating digital infrastructure that has zero negative impact and is affordable for the next generation of innovators. The SDIA has been established as a Catalyst and Platform for driving inter-industry collaboration. Together with the member companies, individuals and governments we shape the standards and policies that are needed to realize our vision of economically and ecologically sustainable digital infrastructure.

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Stephanie Leufgen

WP8 Leader: Dissemination and communication



BitNet is real time analytics R&D Company developing interactive data simulation and visualization solutions for education, energy, health, defense, and manufacturing. Founded by seasoned engineers, designers and scientists with many years of experience in USA and Europe in September 2012; BitNet believes complex real-world problems requires on premise Big Data and HPC platforms. Therefore the company develops adaptive real-time interactive big data and HPC platforms for health, smart cities, traffic, and cyber security platforms.

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Oğuzhan Herkiloğlu

Datacenter pilot - Turkey

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