OCP Global Summit 2022


How to build an integration model for an edge computing system?

We are so delighted to inform you that we will be speaking at the next OCP Global Summit.

Our presentation will look at how data centres are pushed closer to the end-users to reduce latency and enhance bandwidth and security. This globally distributed computing paradigm called “edge computing” requires new efficiency measures.  

In this session, we will introduce a micro-grid/thermal grid integration model for edge systems which is designed in EU funded ECO-Qube Project.

ECO-Qube demonstrates an OCP Open Rack with novel cooling and heat recovery systems in the energy research platform EMPA. The system is fully integrated into EMPA’s energy efficient – low carbon footprinted cooling, heating, and power systems. With this approach, waste heat from servers is collected and transferred to EMPA’s heating system which also reduces the cooling load on the cooling system. Moreover, UPS/backup units are no longer required since uptime is guaranteed by the building’s energy system. 

This novel approach can enhance efficiency in edge computing and be a guide to IT equipment, cooling, power system manufacturers and architects.

Project coordinator, Çağatay Yılmaz, and WP2 Leader, Ender Demirel, will deliver the presentation.

Date and time: October 20th, 13:05 - 13:20

Register here: https://2022ocpglobal.fnvirtual.app/a/schedule

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