ECO-Qube Pilot Studies - Blockheating, Netherlands


Netherlands-based Blockheating believes that residual energy should not be wasted. In the background of the digital revolution, the company is working hard work to maintain capacity and infrastructure. Its data center offers green and CO2-neutral bare metal hosting on reliable servers with a tailor-made solution that reuses the residual heat from the IT hardware.

Blockheating utilizes the heat released from its data center to heat greenhouses and buildings, which results in direct savings for both the data center and the user of the heat.

Blockheating’s container data center consists of 10 racks with a 180kW design IT load. Customers can choose to manage the rack and networking themselves, or Blockheating can help them facilitate the process through its managed services. 

Its default network comprises 100G backbone with 10G servers, within a region where customers can order their own dedicated fiber connections, allowing for a fully private network.

For Blockheating, ECO-Qube’s cooling system will provide an improved cooling design and cooling management for optimum IT performance and maximum waste heat valorization. 

While Blockheating already has a highly efficient state-of-the-art cold plate cooling system that relies on direct chip cooling cold plate technology, an enhanced smart workload orchestration system accompanying a zonal heat management system can improve IT performance and enhance heat recovery, exactly what the company is aiming for.

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