ECO-Qube Pilot Studies - BitNet, Turkey


For BitNet, solving complex real-world problems requires on-premise Big Data and HPC platforms.

Founded in 2012 by engineers, scientists, and designers with years of experience in the US and Europe, the Turkey-based company develops adaptive real-time interactive big data and HPC platforms for defense, finance, smart cities, traffic, and cyber security platforms. 

For more than a decade now, BitNet has been hosting bare metal HPC, Kubernetes containers and VMware and XenServer virtualized hosts for customers with heavy computing requirements

The system includes GPU – CPU heavy nodes,  fat nodes, fast and archive storage, fast 100 Gbit Infiniband Storage, and 10 Gbit Ethernet, while its Kubernetes managed servers are managed by Kubeadmin and monitored by Prometheus and utilize RADIUS Yaml repository service.  

Such capacities also require efficient cooling solutions, and now the Turkish company is turning to ECO-Qube and its AI-augmented system which detects cooling and energy requirements instantaneously. 

By using the ECO-Qube dynamic cooling system, BitNet seeks to achieve an improved virtualization layer. Accompanied by zonal cooling, this virtualization layer can also improve energy efficiency and IT performance. 

ECO-Qube’s smart energy management system (EMS), designed to track energy demand and operate the energy supply in cooperation with a building/ district’s EMS, is a great match for BitNet since its synergy also maximizes the energy supplied from renewable energy sources and minimizes the energy supplied from sources with a high carbon footprint, matching BitNet’s KPIs such as PUE and CO2 savings.

Additionally, BitNet has also built a disaster recovery room where IT load shifts can take place between the main server room and the secondary room to enhance efficiency.

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